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Aging and Lifestyle Shifts Blamed for Surge in Non-Communicable Illnesses – Health Minister Reveals

The Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof Ali Pate, has pointed to aging and evolving lifestyles as the chief culprits behind the spike in non-communicable diseases within the nation.

Pate, while appearing on the popular Channels TV program, Sunrise Daily, this Monday, emphasized that Nigeria is currently navigating numerous transitions simultaneously.

In his statement, he stated, “Non-communicable diseases have assumed a more prominent role, largely owing to the dual factors of aging and lifestyle changes – a crucial factor that demands our attention.”

“Nigeria is currently traversing multiple transitions all at once. Our demographic landscape is in the midst of a transformation, as our youthful population is coexisting with an aging demographic, resulting in gradual shifts in our population structure.”

Furthermore, Pate elaborated on the ongoing epidemiological transition, remarking that “long-standing disease patterns from the past several decades are gradually giving way to the emergence of new health challenges.”

He also highlighted the role of dietary changes, indicating that a rising inclination towards processed foods has led to an upsurge in health issues.

In his words, “From a nutritional perspective, our dietary habits are experiencing a noticeable transformation. Traditional diets are increasingly being supplanted by processed alternatives, which have coincided with a rise in the prevalence of associated illnesses.”

Pate underscored that addressing this issue necessitates a holistic approach from the government, encompassing financial initiatives, strategic planning, and health education programs, all aimed at enhancing the well-being of the populace.

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