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Cervical Cancer’s Devastating Toll: 28 Nigerian Women Lose Their Lives Daily, Warns Health Advocate

In a somber revelation, Professor Ifeoma Okoye, the founder of the Breast Without Spot Foundation, has highlighted the alarming death toll from cervical cancer, emphasizing that it claims the lives of 23 to 28 Nigerian women every day.

Professor Okoye brought attention to this distressing statistic during the collaborative outreach organized by the Goodway Foundation in partnership with the Breast Without Spot Foundation. The event, held in the Ikotun area of Lagos on Monday, aimed to raise awareness about the critical importance of routine examinations in the battle against cancer.

She underscored the challenges faced by healthcare professionals when patients present themselves at advanced stages of the disease, placing a significant burden on healthcare infrastructure and escalating costs. Professor Okoye stressed the need for proactive measures to combat cervical cancer and reduce mortality rates.

“It has been observed that healthcare professionals often face challenges when many patients seek medical attention in advanced stages of the disease. This can place a substantial burden on the healthcare infrastructure, result in high costs, and potentially diminish the patients’ determination to fight for survival,” Professor Okoye expressed.

“Cervical cancer kills 23-28 Nigerian women daily. Hence, by conducting routine examinations of the breast and genital areas, it is possible to reduce the risk of developing cancers like breast cancer and cervical cancer, as well as various other forms of cancer that may affect the body,” she emphasized.

Professor Okoye highlighted the prevailing stigma and fear preventing women from seeking help and emphasized the importance of nutritional choices in building resistance. She urged women to adopt healthier lifestyles by avoiding alcohol and tobacco.

Chioma Ikoku, the Chief Executive Officer of the Goodway Foundation, echoed the gravity of the situation, revealing that over 70,000 people succumb to cancer in Nigeria. She called for collaborative efforts and partnerships to expand the reach of cancer awareness campaigns, emphasizing the urgency of addressing this pressing public health issue.

As the battle against cervical cancer wages on, health advocates like Professor Okoye and organizations such as the Goodway Foundation are working tirelessly to bring attention to the importance of early detection, routine examinations, and lifestyle choices in the fight against cancer.

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