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FAAI Urges Infertile Nigerian Couples to Seek Medical Solutions, Shun Baby Buying

Nigerian couples grappling with infertility have received a compelling appeal from the Fertility Awareness Advocacy Initiative (FAAI). The support group, dedicated to aiding individuals facing fertility challenges through education, information, and support, sternly discourages the practice of purchasing babies as a solution.

The Dark Reality of “Baby Factories”

Nigeria has a painful history of so-called “baby factories” where women are abducted, impregnated, and their newborns sold. Earlier this year, the Nigerian Army uncovered a clandestine baby factory in Abia State, rescuing several pregnant teenagers and shedding light on the illicit baby trade. Shockingly, the factory was linked to a registered charity home.

A Call for Ethical Solutions

Speaking at the 10th-anniversary picnic of FAAI, Mr. Omos Evborokhai, the former President of FAAI and its founding figure, condemned the illegal practice of buying babies, emphasizing its criminal nature. He urged individuals struggling with infertility to opt for legitimate medical assistance instead.

Evborokhai highlighted FAAI’s decade-long commitment to addressing fertility issues and treatment, aiming to destigmatize infertility treatment.

“The law unequivocally condemns baby factories, and our support group shares this stance. Culturally, buying babies is considered taboo. Adoption, on the other hand, is a legal and ethical option. If you are determined to have a child, it is essential to seek medical intervention instead of resorting to clandestine methods that deceive both yourself and the public.”

Advocating for Medical Expertise

Mr. Evborokhai stressed the importance of consulting medical experts for fertility-related issues, affirming that every individual should pursue the medical route. He criticized the practice of holding innocent girls captive until they conceive and give birth, deeming it a criminal act.

The Normalcy of IVF and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Responding to concerns about the normalcy of children born through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technologies, Evborokhai emphasized that individual opinions vary. He underlined that regardless of the method of conception, the result is a cherished baby, often achieved through a combination of medical expertise and faith.

A Decade of Support and Education

FAAI has served as a platform for individuals and couples experiencing infertility to connect, share experiences, and find solace in a community facing similar challenges. Mr. Evborokhai expressed pride in FAAI’s achievements over the past decade, emphasizing its role in raising public awareness about IVF treatment and other options.

“The last ten years have been transformative. We have successfully educated the public, making more people aware of IVF treatment and alternative options. Today, the public understands that infertility is not due to witchcraft, and couples now realize that they may both be responsible for delays in conception. This shift in awareness has brought an end to the stigmatization of women at family gatherings.”

A Message of Hope

In closing, Mr. Evborokhai encouraged couples facing fertility issues to seek assistance without hesitation. He reminded them that with the right support and medical intervention, the dream of parenthood can become a reality, offering hope to those on the challenging journey to build their families.

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