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Federal Government Vows to Overhaul Health Sector Performance

In a resounding declaration, the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Ali Pate, affirmed the Federal Government’s unwavering commitment to transforming the lamentable state of the health sector.

Prof. Pate conveyed this pledge during the grand opening of the 13th Biennial Delegates’ Meeting and Scientific Conference of the esteemed Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association of Nigeria (MDCAN), a momentous gathering held in the vibrant city of Kano.

Representing Prof. Pate at the event was the esteemed Chief Medical Director of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH), Dr. Abdulrahman Sheshe. Dr. Sheshe eloquently articulated that the health sector faces multifaceted challenges, including inadequate funding, a troubling exodus of skilled professionals, deficient healthcare facilities, and obsolete equipment. These factors, he emphasized, have severely contributed to the dismal state of healthcare in the nation.

Dr. Sheshe ardently sought the cooperation of MDCAN in confronting these formidable challenges, recognizing that neither the government nor the association could surmount these obstacles in isolation.

He elucidated, “The government cannot turn a blind eye to the pressing issues in the health sector—problems like brain drain, meager funding, inadequate facilities, and outdated equipment. People, especially women in rural areas, endure suffering due to the lack of quality facilities and accessible roads, leading to maternal complications and even fatalities. Nonetheless, this administration is unwavering in its resolve to redress these issues and elevate the health sector.”

In an earlier address, the venerable Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, lamented the pervasive phenomenon of brain drain among medical practitioners, dismissing it as a futile pursuit. The revered monarch, represented by Dankaden Kano, Dr. Bashir Muhammad, sharply criticized the practice, emphasizing that those who seek greener pastures often find themselves saddled with onerous financial burdens.

He emphatically stated, “Those who chase the allure of distant lands need to grasp the reality—they spend their hard-earned income on bills, while in service to Uncle Sam. The ‘japa’ syndrome is a fruitless endeavor; not everything that glitters is gold.”

Dr. Victor A. Makanjuola, President of MDCAN, expressed his distress over the mass exodus of medical consultants from the country in pursuit of better prospects, noting its detrimental impact on healthcare service delivery.

“Medical education, just like clinical service delivery, is severely impacted by the exodus of consultants seeking ‘greener’ pastures. This is exacerbated by surreptitious incursions, such as curriculum upgrades by allied health professionals. The urgency for candid discussions and innovative solutions to address these challenges cannot be overstated,” Dr. Makanjuola asserted.

Inaugurating the conference, Kano State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, represented by Health Commissioner Dr. Yusuf Labaran, affirmed the government’s dedication to enhancing healthcare service delivery and the overall well-being of the populace in the state.

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