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Fontana Society Set to Launch Nigeria’s First Emergency Health Card

Fontana Society, a pioneering group, is poised to introduce Nigeria’s inaugural medical emergency health card, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s healthcare landscape. The much-anticipated unveiling is scheduled for November 21, 2023, at the CIAPS Auditorium in Ikeja, Lagos.

Fontana to Unveil Emergency Health Card - Newsmakers

The Fontana health card is meticulously crafted to provide cardholders with the means to finance emergency treatments, medications, tests, examinations, and essential allied services. Notably, the flexibility of the card extends to its usability, allowing cardholders or individuals of their choice to access its benefits.

This initiative is born out of Fontana Society’s commitment to bolstering support for graduates, professionals, and businesses in the realm of healthcare. The unveiling event has been conceived as a town hall meeting, fostering a collaborative environment that will bring together healthcare providers from hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories. Additionally, both existing and potential Fontana health cardholders, along with other stakeholders, will converge to engage in discussions centered on health coverage and its implications for quality healthcare accessibility in Nigeria.

Prof. Anthony Kila, President of Fontana Society, lauded the significance of the Fontana Health Card, stating, “It is a milestone in the health sector as it allows users and providers to overcome challenges encountered in accessing and providing quality emergency healthcare.”

The esteemed professor, specializing in Strategy and Development, extended his appreciation to hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, and other healthcare providers that expeditiously grasped the vision and met the stringent standards required to participate in this groundbreaking program.

As Nigeria awaits the introduction of its first emergency health card, Fontana Society remains at the forefront of innovative solutions aimed at enhancing healthcare accessibility and affordability for individuals, professionals, and businesses across the nation. Stay tuned for updates on this revolutionary development in Nigeria’s healthcare landscape.

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