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Free Healthcare Through Medical Outreach: NBA’s Noble Initiative

Free Healthcare for Needy Nigerians

In a nation where many depend on out-of-pocket payments for healthcare, the cost of treating some illnesses can pose significant challenges. With limited access to social insurance alternatives, individuals often turn to free medical outreach programs or rely on the support of friends and family.

That’s why the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) has garnered praise for its ongoing 12-day medical outreach, a vital component of its annual conference this year.

Collaborative Effort for Free Medical Care

The NBA, in partnership with the Moses Lake Medical Team from Washington State, USA, and the Kebbi State government, is offering free medical care, including surgeries, to indigent members of society at Nisa Garki Hospital, Abuja. The medical outreach, which began on August 28 and runs until September 8, 2023, is coordinated by the National Welfare Committee of the NBA.

A Lifeline for the Needy

Nekabari Annah, Secretary of the National Welfare Committee of NBA, explained that the aim of this medical outreach is to provide healthcare to indigent individuals who cannot afford medical treatment.

Annah emphasized the NBA’s sense of responsibility to all Nigerians, extending the outreach beyond lawyers and their families. The program covers a range of treatments, including hernia, breast mass/lump, appendix, lipoma, Arthritis, hole in the heart, glacoma, fibroids, back pain, dental cases, bone infection, and more.

No Limit on Patients

Annah clarified that there is no predetermined limit on the number of patients to be treated during the outreach. Thus far, 62 patients have already received assistance, with 51 requiring surgical intervention. He urged the media to provide greater visibility to the program to reach even more Nigerians in need.

Medical Team Ready to Serve

Diebo Puloam, spokesperson for the Moses Lake medical team, assured that the medical personnel on site are eager and prepared to treat as many patients as possible within the stipulated time.

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