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JUTH and UNIJOS to Launch Kidney Transplant Center with N1 Billion Grant

The Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) is set to embark on a groundbreaking collaboration with the University of Jos (UNIJOS) to establish a state-of-the-art kidney transplant center. Dr. Pokop Bupwatda, the Chief Medical Director of JUTH, shared this significant development during a Sunday interview in Jos.

JUTH, UNIJOS to begin kidney transplant centre, says CMD | Pulse Nigeria

The ambitious project has received a substantial boost through a N1 billion grant provided by the Tertiary Trust Education Fund. Dr. Bupwatda confirmed that the initiative is already in motion, with the commencement of construction on the Tissue Typing Laboratory, and the procurement of essential equipment already underway.

“We are leveraging both institutions’ human and material resources to bring the kidney transplant center to fruition. Personnel have undergone training, both within and outside Nigeria, to ensure the success of this vital healthcare service,” stated Dr. Bupwatda.

In addition to the kidney transplant center, JUTH is poised to become a cornerstone in cancer treatment. Dr. Bupwatda announced that the Federal Government has designated JUTH as one of the chosen teaching hospitals to host a cancer treatment center, providing relief for those grappling with cancer in the region.

“The Federal Government, under the leadership of Prof. Ail Pate, is fully committed to the establishment of this cancer treatment center. Assessments have been conducted, funds have been allocated, and steps are being taken to engage partners for long-term sustainability,” he added.

Highlighting JUTH’s commitment to cutting-edge medical services, Dr. Bupwatda shared the success of a recent cochlear implant surgery conducted by the hospital’s Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeons, in collaboration with a team from Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device designed to replace the function of the damaged part of the inner ear, restoring sound signals to the brain and correcting hearing impairment. This surgical milestone not only enhances local healthcare capabilities but also reduces the need for medical tourism as JUTH becomes a hub for deaf individuals seeking cochlear implant services.

Furthermore, Dr. Bupwatda highlighted JUTH’s unique standing as the sole hospital in the entire West African region equipped with a Temporal Bone Dissection Laboratory. This facility plays a pivotal role in medical training, contributing to the continuous advancement of healthcare in the region.

As JUTH and UNIJOS embark on these transformative healthcare initiatives, the collaborative efforts aim to position Jos as a hub for cutting-edge medical services, benefiting the local community and reducing the need for medical travel.

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