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Kogi State Boosts Healthcare with Distribution of Medical Consumables

Investing in Healthcare Infrastructure for Sustainable Drug Supply

In a strategic move to enhance healthcare delivery, the Kogi State Government has successfully distributed a range of medical consumables, including essential drugs, to state-owned medical facilities. This distribution, executed by the Kogi State Drugs and Medical Supply Management Agency (KSDMSMA), marks the completion of the quarterly dispersal to zonal, general, and comprehensive health centers spanning the state’s three senatorial districts.

Mahmoud Ozigi, the Executive Secretary (ES) of the agency, provided insights during a press briefing at the Lokoja distribution center. Ozigi highlighted the agency’s substantial progress in managing the Essential Drug Revolving Fund (EDRF). He emphasized the implementation of a quarterly scheme, ensuring a consistent and cost-effective supply of drugs and consumables to government-owned medical facilities across Kogi State.

The disbursed medical supplies encompassed tablets, capsules, injections, infusions, syrups, suspension, laboratory reagents, mortuary needs, and medical and surgical consumables, along with x-ray items, amounting to several hundreds of millions of naira.

“The New Direction Government has observed the improvement of the Sustainable Drug Supply System (SDSS) over EDRF, and in keeping with global best practices, in line with the national policy guidelines for proper drug distribution,” stated Ozigi. He highlighted the significance of Governor Yahaya Bello signing the KSDMSMA Bill into law on June 3, 2019, with formal establishment occurring in 2022. The agency’s inception has significantly elevated healthcare delivery by ensuring the availability of drugs in health facilities across the state.

Ozigi acknowledged the setback caused by the vandalism of the essential drugs store during the EndSARS protests, which impeded the growth of the Central Medical Store in the state. Looking ahead, he outlined plans for Kogi to collaborate with over 60 registered companies, following Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) protocols, to strengthen the healthcare supply chain. Additionally, the state aims to establish its pharmaceutical outfit capable of producing essential drugs like paracetamol, fostering self-sufficiency in healthcare.

This proactive approach by the Kogi State Government underscores its commitment to advancing healthcare infrastructure and ensuring a robust supply chain of essential medical resources.

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