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Nigeria Poised to Revolutionize Women’s Health with Cutting-Edge HIFU Technology, Says Renowned Expert

In a groundbreaking development for women’s reproductive health and associated issues, Professor Rosie King, an authority in experimental medicine, has emphasized that Nigeria is on the cusp of a healthcare transformation with the introduction of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology.

Professor Rosie King serves as the Managing Director of International Academics, Marketing, and Sales at Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology Co. Ltd. Speaking with Good Health Weekly, she articulated the potential for Nigeria to take a leading role in revolutionizing therapeutic options for women’s healthcare and cancer patients across Africa.

Women celebrating successful treatment of Fibroids with HIFU Technology |  The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News — Guardian Woman — The  Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Her comments came during a visit to the Nordica Fibroid Care Center in Lagos, the sole HIFU center in Africa outside South Africa and Egypt. HIFU represents a pioneering non-invasive treatment approach for uterine fibroids and adenomyosis, employing trans-cervical fibroid ablation technology combined with intrauterine ultrasound guidance and focused radiofrequency energy. This procedure is performed without incisions, preserving the uterus.

Expressing her admiration for the Nordica Fibroid Care Center, Professor King remarked, “I’m impressed with this center. We have many centers worldwide, but I think this is the first center to combine minimally invasive endoscopy technology and non-invasive technology. This is significant because it ensures that doctors can select the most suitable treatment method to maximize patient benefits.”

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She further elaborated on the technology transfer to the local team, affirming that the center operates at international standards. Emphasizing the significance of technology, Professor King emphasized its need to be employed with sensitivity.

“Telemedicine is not just about technology; it’s about providing care to patients during their most challenging times, and this is our core principle,” she stated.

The primary objective is to collaborate with Dr. Abayomi Ajayi to expand this technology from one center to multiple centers and broaden its reach in the Nigerian market. Professor King emphasized the complete digitization of the technology, eliminating the need for physical surgical tools. With the potential to make this cutting-edge technology available to the rest of Africa, she believes that Nigeria could become a hub for advanced medical technology, thereby transforming women’s general healthcare and cancer treatment across the continent.

Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, the Head of the Fibroid Care Center and Medical Director of Nordica Fertility Center, Lagos, also addressed the significance of this emerging technology. He highlighted the successful treatment of 355 fibroid patients at the center within two years.

He explained, “This emerging technology is crucial for us in Africa, given the brain drain of our doctors to foreign countries. We’ve treated approximately 355 cases in two years, and this technology allows us to continue safely treating patients without an over-reliance on medical personnel. For example, we no longer require anesthesia or blood transfusions, offering numerous advantages.”

He stressed the importance of local training for doctors, aiming to encourage more professionals to embrace this groundbreaking tool for patient care. In conclusion, Dr. Ajayi emphasized the strategy of acting globally while thinking locally, with a commitment to advancing medical capabilities within Nigeria and the broader African context.

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