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Nigerian Health Ministry Applauds IPAN for New Practice License Stamp

In a significant development for the Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria (IPAN), the Federal Ministry of Health has lauded the introduction of their new Practice License Stamp (PLS). Dr. Fausat Omolara Oderinde, Deputy Director of Food and Drugs at the Federal Ministry of Health, expressed her commendation during the unveiling of the stamp at the institute’s headquarters in Yaba, Lagos.

Dr. Oderinde stated, “This is commendable work, and its timing is impeccable. It will greatly enhance the accountability of professionals in our field.”

Representing the Director of the Federal Ministry of Health, Mrs. Olubunmi Aribeana, she further pledged the ministry’s support to IPAN.

The Registrar and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IPAN, Mr. Aliyu Angara, expressed concerns about unauthorized individuals misusing personalized Professional Rubber Stamps, causing considerable challenges. He emphasized the need to tackle these issues to maintain high-quality standards.

Mr. Angara stated, “We are committed to resolving these concerns. With the introduction of the Practice License Stamps (PLS), we are embarking on a new era marked by enhanced transparency, accountability, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.”

Highlighting the significance of the PLS, he continued, “The PLS symbolize our dedication to this noble profession and serve as a clear mark of authenticity, guiding clients and the public to trusted professionals. We have designed guidelines for the use of the Practice License Stamps (PLS) and the existing Registered Laboratory Stamp (RLS) to combat any potential for quackery, emphasizing professional responsibility and liability.”

He added that the use of personalized plastic/rubber stamps would become illegal starting from October 1.

Trustee of IPAN, Balogun Sani, described the new stamp as a “critical step” towards achieving excellence. He noted that other professions, such as Law, have practice stamps, and it was only fitting for IPAN to have one too.

Dr. Iyabo Philips, an IPAN Council Member, who chaired the Lab and Lab Registration Committee responsible for the PLS, assured stakeholders that the stamp underwent rigorous testing before approval, making it virtually foolproof.

The introduction of the Practice License Stamps (PLS) by IPAN signifies a significant stride toward greater transparency, accountability, and excellence within the analytical laboratory sector, reinforcing the commitment to uphold professional standards and protect the well-being of the public.

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