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NMA Calls for Legislative Overhaul to Safeguard Organ Transplants in Nigeria

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) advocates for a review of organ transplant laws, urging the National Assembly to enact friendly legislations to curb illegal practices and ensure ethical standards in the country.

In a bid to fortify the ethical landscape surrounding organ transplants in Nigeria, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) is calling on the National Assembly to revisit and amend existing laws governing organ transplants. Dr. Ugochukwu Ugwuanyi, Chairman of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter of NMA, emphasized the need for legislative modifications to thwart unscrupulous individuals engaging in illicit organ trafficking.

Addressing concerns raised against Alliance Hospital within the city, Dr. Ugwuanyi expressed the association’s apprehension regarding social media reports alleging unwholesome practices, including the unauthorized harvesting and transplantation of solid organs such as kidneys by some doctors.

Underlining the commitment of doctors to uphold the principles of the Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Ugwuanyi asserted that protecting the rights and dignity of patients, even in death, is a paramount duty. While acknowledging Alliance Hospital’s pioneering role in transplants in Nigeria, he emphasized the association’s commitment to thoroughly investigate the matter through formal channels.

Medical Director of Alliance Hospital and Services Ltd, Dr. Christopher Otabor, refuted the allegations, dismissing them as a baseless campaign of calumny. Dr. Otabor asserted that the hospital has not engaged in illegal organ harvesting and announced his intention to file a defamation suit seeking one billion Naira in damages, demonstrating a firm commitment to vindicating the hospital’s reputation.

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