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Ophthalmologist Issues Warning Against the Use of Breast Milk for Eye Treatment

Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, October 13, 2023 Dr. Bola Olomola, the Head of the Ophthalmology Department at the State Specialist Hospital in Asubiaro, Osogbo, has issued a crucial warning against the use of breast milk as a treatment for any eye ailment, emphasising the potential risks it poses to eye health.

In a recent interview with Saturday NAN, Dr. Olomola shed light on the prevalent eye-related issues observed during a free eye screening event targeting civil servants and labour leaders in Osogbo, the state capital. The event was organised in commemoration of this year’s World Sight Day at the Government Secretariat in Osogbo.

Dr. Olomola drew attention to the escalating cases of refractive errors noticed among those who underwent screening. He highlighted the significance of refractive error, explaining that it refers to the inability to see clearly at a standard visual distance of six metres, a condition often associated with conditions like myopia or hyperopia. The doctor noted that for many individuals, this condition could not be adequately corrected during the general screening, but reading glasses were provided to address other vision concerns.

However, for distance corrections and more complex issues, Dr. Olomola urged individuals to seek professional help at hospitals. Additionally, he cautioned against the use of breast milk as a treatment for eye ailments, underscoring the potential dangers it may pose to eye health.

Dr. Olufemi Oroge, the Desk Officer for the Eye Unit at the State Ministry of Health, echoed the importance of maintaining optimal eye health. He encouraged people to make regular eye checkups a priority, emphasising the need to ensure that their eyes function at their best.

This warning and advice come in the context of ongoing efforts to raise awareness about eye health and provide critical information to the community, emphasizing the importance of professional care and caution in dealing with eye-related issues. As the medical community continues to emphasize the significance of eye health, it is crucial for individuals to heed such advice and seek proper medical attention for their eye concerns.

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