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PCN Inducts 116 OAU Graduates, Marks 60 Years of Excellence

The Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) recently held a momentous induction ceremony, welcoming 116 pharmacy graduates of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) into the noble profession. This distinguished event, which unfolded on the OAU campus in Ile-Ife, Osun State, stands as a resounding highlight in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the university’s esteemed Faculty of Pharmacy.

A Pinnacle of Excellence

The 116 new pharmacists, representing the 2021 and 2022 graduating cohorts of the Faculty of Pharmacy, were officially inducted into the profession in a ceremony marked by significance and promise. According to Prof. Francis Oladimeji, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, 31 of the inductees achieved the remarkable distinction while the remaining 85 demonstrated their dedication by successfully passing the rigorous requirements.

These budding pharmacists, meticulously trained to excel in diverse fields and ventures, are poised to make a profound impact on the healthcare landscape and society at large.

The Essence of Oath-Taking and Induction

Ibrahim Ahmed, the Registrar of PCN, underscored the importance of the oath-taking and induction ceremony. He explained that this event is a vital requirement outlined in the PCN Establishment Act, an indispensable precursor to becoming a registered pharmacist.

Ahmed impressed upon the inductees the critical significance of maintaining unwavering ethical standards and embracing the principles of leadership as prescribed by the PCN. He stressed the importance of these virtues in becoming accomplished professionals who contribute to the delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical services for the sustainable provision of healthcare across the nation.

“As pharmacists, you are expected to familiarize yourselves with the code of professional ethics, which delineates your professional and moral obligations to patients, fellow pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, employers, and the general public, among others,” Ahmed stated.

He cautioned the inductees against engaging in unscrupulous practices, underlining the PCN’s firm stance against professional misconduct. To enforce these ethical standards, the PCN Act establishes an investigative panel and disciplinary tribunal, mechanisms that address cases of professional misconduct with unwavering resolve.

In conclusion, the induction of these 116 OAU graduates is not just a celebration of their academic achievements but a significant step towards nurturing the next generation of ethical and competent pharmacists. As they embark on their professional journey, they carry with them the ideals of excellence and integrity, holding the promise of elevating the practice of pharmacy for the betterment of healthcare and society as a whole.

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