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PSHAN 2023 Awards: Elevating Healthcare for Better Outcomes

The Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PSHAN) is gearing up to host its much-anticipated 2023 PSHAN Annual Gala and Awards night. This event is set to serve as a catalyst for a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach to enhance healthcare outcomes throughout the nation. Themed “Advancing Healthcare in Nigeria,” the gala aims to create an enduring platform that unites key stakeholders and the organized private sector, offering due recognition to those who have made significant contributions to the healthcare sector.

In tandem with this, PSHAN is actively engaged in forging alliances with global healthcare entities, bolstering its initiatives and expanding its influence within the healthcare landscape.

The grand event, taking place in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, is poised to be a confluence of industry leaders, international healthcare heavyweights, key figures from the Nigerian business and health sectors, representatives from all tiers of government, corporate magnates, NGOs, and philanthropists. Their collective mission? To propel healthcare in Nigeria to new heights, shedding light on PSHAN’s accomplishments and illuminating potential avenues for collaboration.

As stated by the Managing Director of PSHAN, “The PSHAN Gala and Awards night promises to be an enchanting evening of celebration, culture, and entertainment. PSHAN’s overarching goal is to acknowledge the tireless endeavors and remarkable achievements of individuals, organizations, and institutions dedicated to advancing healthcare and enhancing health outcomes in Nigeria.”

This event is poised to serve as a turning point in the realm of healthcare in Nigeria, underlining the significance of unity, recognition, and collaboration in ensuring a healthier and brighter future for all.

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