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Rotary’s Noble Mission: Providing Free Polio Vaccines to 5,000 Infants in Imo State

In a remarkable display of commitment to public health, the Rotary Club of Nigeria, Owerri District, has orchestrated the administration of free polio vaccines to approximately 5,000 infants and children across Imo State. This generous act coincides with the observance of the 2023 World Polio Day and signifies Rotary’s unwavering determination to eliminate this devastating disease from Imo State and beyond.

Speaking at one of the vaccination venues, Owerri Municipal Council, Dr. Sabastain Okwu, District 9142 Polio Plus Chair, and Dr. Chika Ogubuire, a representative of Rotary Family Health Days, emphasized the urgency of continuous awareness and vigilance to eradicate polio entirely.

They underlined Rotary International’s collaboration with the United Nations (UN) to safeguard every child from the perils of polio and its relentless efforts to pave the way for a polio-free society.

Dr. Okwu highlighted the historical context, recounting that in 1988, over 250 countries grappled with endemic poliomyelitis. Tragically, each year, 350,000 children fell victim to the disease. Thus, Rotary recognized the necessity for an assertive initiative.

Dr. Okwu remarked, “Since polio is not curable, it is entirely preventable. There has to be a program or project to immunize children and protect them against the disease. And that is what we, the Rotarians, have been doing.”

Promoting Widespread Health Awareness

Meanwhile, the National Coordinator of Rotary Family Health Days, Past District Governor Bola Oyebade, and the District Governor of Rotary International, District 9110 (Lagos and Ogun States), Ifeyinwa Ejezie, have called upon all Nigerians to take advantage of a monumental free medical initiative valued at over $300,000 (N360,000,000). This extensive healthcare program, organized by Rotary International in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other partners, encompasses vital health screenings, tests, and treatment.

The launch of the three-day Rotary Family Health Days occurred at the Rotary Centre in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, where a resounding call for participation echoed through the venue.

Mr. Oyebade underscored the comprehensive nature of this health event, which incorporates screenings and testing for cervical cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, malaria, diabetes, HIV, and more. The initiative will span across 127 locations nationwide, with 66 locations dedicated to Lagos and Ogun states.

“This is a privilege for Nigerians of all ages, from infants to the elderly,” affirmed Mr. Oyebade. The program includes drug administration for various ailments, alongside the provision of mosquito nets to nursing mothers and expectant women.

Rotary’s commitment to improving public health is evident through these initiatives, offering hope and protection to those in need and inspiring a healthier future for all.

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