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Unlocking Affordable Healthcare: Diverse Options for Nigerians Amid Rising Living Costs

As the cost of living tightens its grip, navigating healthcare expenses becomes paramount for individuals and households. Health Management Organisations (HMOs) emerge as a lifeline, offering an array of products that provide access to quality healthcare while shielding individuals from out-of-pocket expenses during illnesses.

Dr. Harrison Okafor, Head of Medical Services at MetroHealth HMO, underscores the critical need for health insurance in the face of escalating medical costs. He emphasizes that HMOs, with their bulk purchase leverage, offer a shield against exorbitant drug prices, which individuals might have to bear alone.

Amid economic challenges, HMOs like MetroHealth introduce retail plans with flexible payments, such as the Metro Flexi plan, ensuring monthly payments for quality healthcare even in trying times. Various products, from Metromini to MetroPPP plans, cater to diverse needs and purchasing powers.

Dr. Gideon Anumba, Head of Operations at Leadway Health Ltd, outlines a spectrum of health insurance products targeting both formal and informal sectors. These include plans for individuals/families, small to large companies, and senior citizens, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to healthcare coverage.

Abdul-Rasheed Akolade, Assistant Director of Underwriting and Marketing at Africa Re, emphasizes the financial resilience offered by health insurance, especially critical illness coverage. This becomes a potent tool for preserving wealth, managing extensive treatments, and avoiding financial ruin.

Avon HMO presents retail plans catering to individuals, families, and small groups. These plans ensure prompt access to quality healthcare, covering general consultations, lab investigations, prescribed drugs, infusion, and plain X-rays.

Tope Adeniyi, CEO of AXA Mansard Health, highlights a range of products tailored for individuals, families, and organizations, offering access to primary healthcare and critical illness treatment, with the added convenience of technology.

While Nigeria lacks a national health insurance program, Coronation Insurance analysts point out the competitive offerings in the private sector. They emphasize the flexibility of premium payments and the importance of purchasing health insurance early in life, emphasizing its role in improving health outcomes.

In conclusion, affordable healthcare options abound, empowering Nigerians to proactively manage their health amidst economic challenges. Health insurance emerges as a strategic tool, providing financial security and fostering a culture of preventive healthcare.


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