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Ayetoro Makun Residents Decry Absence of Public Health Centre, Urge State Intervention

Inhabitants of Ayetoro Makun, Sagamu LGA, Ogun State, express distress over the absence of a local health facility, appealing to the government for assistance.

Residents of Ayetoro Makun, a community situated in the Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State, are grappling with the absence of a public health centre, leading to significant challenges in accessing medical care. In conversations with PUNCH Metro on Tuesday, residents voiced their concerns about the hardships endured due to the lack of a nearby health facility.

Some residents highlighted the difficulties in obtaining proper medical treatment, emphasizing the need to travel considerable distances to access essential medications. Pregnant women, in particular, face challenges during childbirth, often compelled to rely on untrained nurses due to the absence of a local health centre.

Rev. Morenikeji Afosi, a resident, expressed her frustration, stating, “We travel miles to receive health attention. We go as far as Babcock Hospital in Ilishan. I have met many of my neighbors in the same hospital at some point in time.” While acknowledging a proposed site for a Primary Health Centre (PHC), she stressed that execution posed a significant challenge.

Afosi appealed to the state government to intervene and construct a standard PHC in the community to alleviate the residents’ suffering.

Mr. Igbinigie ThankGod, another resident, highlighted the inconvenience of seeking medical treatment in neighboring Mowe, particularly during late-night emergencies. He emphasized the urgency of having a local health facility to address critical health conditions promptly.

In response to the residents’ concerns, the Chairman of Sagamu LGA, Odulate Afolabi, assured that there is an ongoing project to establish PHCs in the area. He stated, “We will build a PHC at Ayetoro Makun. We have the lists of projects we are working on, and the town is on the list already. But we have started one; we can’t jump to others.” Afolabi mentioned an ongoing project, a maternity centre, nearing completion, with plans to proceed to the next phase once finished.

Afolabi emphasized the commitment of the local government to delivering essential services to the community, ensuring that projects are executed to improve the residents’ well-being.

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