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Ogun records 238 cholera cases, decries open defecation

Ogun State has been grappling with a significant cholera outbreak, with a total of 238 cases and 12 deaths reported in the past month [1]. The state government confirmed these alarming figures on Thursday, shedding light on the severity of the situation.

Outbreak Details:

  • The initial outbreak was reported in the Ijebu North Local Government Area, where three deaths were recorded [1].
  • The disease quickly spread to the Abeokuta North and Abeokuta South Local Government Areas, both located in the state capital [1].
  • The Commissioner for Health, Dr. Tomi Coker, provided an update on the situation, revealing that out of the 236 cases recorded so far, 12 have resulted in fatalities [1].

Causes and Response:

  • Dr. Coker attributed the outbreak to a combination of factors, including a high prevalence of open defecation, poor waste management, and inadequate water sources [1].
  • To address the situation, the government has initiated the chlorination of wells in the worst-hit area, Ijebu North [1].
  • The Ministry of Health is collaborating with the Ministry of Environment and other relevant government agencies to contain the spread of the disease [1].
  • Dr. Coker emphasized the need for a multi-sectoral approach to eliminate the spread of cholera, and officials from the State Public Health Department are actively educating residents on essential hygiene practices to prevent the disease [2].

Impact of Open Defecation:

  • The prevalence of open defecation in Ogun State has been identified as a significant contributing factor to the outbreak [2].
  • Fecal materials from open defecation find their way into shallow wells, which many residents use as a water source, leading to contamination [2].
  • Microbiological testing conducted in Ijebu-North Local Government revealed that 75% of the 52 shallow wells tested showed evidence of fecal contamination with coliform bacteria [2].

Preventive Measures:

  • Dr. Coker urged residents to cease open defecation and emphasized the importance of constructing affordable toilets and sanitary wells in homes [2].
  • The government also warned that houses without toilets may be sealed in the interest of public health [2].
  • Additionally, residents are advised to boil their water, cover it when stored, wash their hands before eating, cook food thoroughly, and dispose of waste properly to prevent the spread of cholera [2].

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