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Ogun State Government Collaborates with Table Water Producers to Tackle Cholera Outbreak

In response to the ongoing Cholera outbreak that has claimed at least 12 lives in some regions of Ogun State, the Ogun State Government, through the Ministry of Environment, is taking proactive measures to address the situation. The government has initiated a verification process for table water and beverage producers operating within the state.

NCDC calls for improved water sanitation, as Cholera kills 233 in 2022

During a crucial stakeholders’ meeting held at the ministry’s Conference Hall in Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, the Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Ola Oresanya, disclosed the state’s intentions. The focus of the meeting was to identify registered water producers and to eliminate unlicensed operators from the industry.

Oresanya emphasized the need for strict adherence to production protocols, stating, “The state will not tolerate any factory that is not ready to follow the due process of production. Registration with NAFDAC does not exempt producers from the state’s oversight in ensuring that proper procedures are followed to prevent health issues that could affect the well-being of the state’s residents.”

The Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with NAFDAC, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment, will enforce compliance with hygienic production standards. Regular on-site assessments will be conducted to identify any substandard practices among water and beverage producers.

Representing the water producers, Mr. Femi Olukoya and Lawan Shobiye assured the government of the association’s full cooperation and commitment to safeguarding the health and lives of the state’s residents.

The government’s proactive stance and collaboration with industry stakeholders aim to mitigate the cholera outbreak’s impact and prevent further loss of life, reaffirming its dedication to the well-being of Ogun State’s population.

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