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FCCPC Urges Doctors: Prioritize Treatment for Accident and Gunshot Patients, Regardless of Financial Concerns

In a recent directive, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) emphasized that the rights of patients, especially those involved in accidents or gunshot incidents, take precedence over financial considerations or procedural hurdles.

Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of FCCPC, Mr. Babatunde Irukera, conveyed this message during a training workshop organized for Doctors and Nurses in Kano. The workshop, focusing on the Implementation of Patients Bill of Rights (PBoR), aimed to enlighten healthcare providers about the intricacies of patient rights and the corresponding obligations of medical professionals.

Irukera, represented by Executive Commissioner Adamu Abdullah, underscored that under no circumstances should medical workers neglect or mistreat patients. He highlighted instances where patients lost their lives due to negligence and reiterated the commission’s commitment to prosecuting such incidents.

The core objective of the training workshop was to ensure that healthcare practitioners are well-versed in the Patients’ Bill of Rights, enabling them to uphold these rights while discharging their duties. Participants were urged to integrate these principles into their practices, promoting patient-centered care and justice.

Speaking on the treatment of accident and gunshot victims, Irukera emphasized the importance of prioritizing immediate medical attention over determining the nature of the incident. He stated, “When you have an accident or gunshot victims or patients, our position is that you have to treat the patient first before determining whether it is an accident or a case of crime because one has to be alive first before any other thing.”

The FCCPC’s initiative extends beyond training workshops, encompassing the documentation and dissemination of the Patients’ Bill of Rights throughout Nigeria. This nationwide effort, part of the National Programme of Action, aims to protect and uphold patients’ rights in healthcare facilities across the country. The FCCPC collaborates with Ace Associates as consultants to engage various stakeholders, including public and private healthcare facilities, state governments, traditional rulers, and the general public. This inclusive approach seeks to foster a culture of respect for patients’ rights, contributing to an improved healthcare landscape in Nigeria.

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