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Global tuberculosis report 2023 – WHO

The Global Tuberculosis Report 2023 provides a comprehensive assessment of the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic, as well as the progress made in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease at global, regional, and country levels [2]. The report is based on data collected by the World Health Organization (WHO) from national ministries of health, with 192 countries and areas reporting data in 2023 [2].

Global Tuberculosis Report Factsheet 2023

Key findings from the Global Tuberculosis Report 2023 include:

  1. Disease burden: The report presents the latest estimates of TB incidence, prevalence, and mortality worldwide. It highlights the global burden of TB and identifies high-burden countries and regions [2].
  2. TB prevention and control: The report assesses the implementation of TB prevention and control measures, including strategies for early diagnosis, treatment, and care. It examines the coverage and effectiveness of interventions such as TB testing, treatment, and vaccination [2].
  3. Drug-resistant TB: The report provides an update on the global burden of drug-resistant TB, including multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB). It evaluates the progress made in diagnosing and treating drug-resistant TB cases [2].
  4. TB-HIV co-infection: The report addresses the challenges and progress in managing TB-HIV co-infection, as well as the integration of TB and HIV services. It highlights the importance of collaborative efforts to address both diseases [2].
  5. Financing and research: The report examines the funding landscape for TB prevention and control, including domestic and international investments. It also discusses the research and development efforts aimed at improving diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines for TB [2].

It is important to note that direct comparisons between estimates of TB disease burden in the Global Tuberculosis Report 2023 and previous reports may not be appropriate. The most recent time series of estimates can be found in the 2022 Global TB Report [1].

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