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Warri South Launches Polio Vaccination Drive to Safeguard Community Health

In a proactive move to protect the health of its residents, Warri South Local Government Area in Delta State has initiated the “Polio Outbreak Response 2 (OBR2) Campaign” within the metropolis. The campaign was officially inaugurated on Monday by the Chairman of the council, Dr. Michael Tidi.

Dr. Tidi emphasized the severity of poliomyelitis, an incapacitating and life-threatening disease caused by the polio virus. Stressing the significance of safe and effective vaccination, he outlined that the four-day immunization campaign is specifically targeted at children aged five and below.

The chairman called on parents to actively participate in the vaccination drive, citing the ongoing outbreak of a different strain of the Polio virus known as the Circulating Variant Polio Virus type 2 (CVPV2) in Nigeria.

Highlighting the potential risks, Dr. Tidi cautioned, “A child can contract this variant if not immunized against all types of polio virus or resides in an area where the virus is prevalent. Polio vaccine administered multiple times can provide a lifetime of protection, especially considering that poliomyelitis predominantly affects children under five years of age.”

The chairman emphasized that one in 200 infections leads to irreversible paralysis, underlining the critical role of vaccination in preventing this debilitating consequence.

“Administering the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) and the injectable inactivated polio vaccine is the best protection for your child and the community,” Dr. Tidi stated.

He further stressed the importance of maintaining high routine childhood immunization coverage to shield every child from polio infection. Dr. Tidi urged parents to ensure that their children receive the polio vaccine immediately after birth and adhere to the scheduled vaccinations, including immunization pluses, up to the age of five.

Expressing optimism about the impact of the vaccination campaign, Dr. Tidi stated, “It is hoped that this exercise will significantly contribute to improving the overall health status of our children in Warri South Local Government Area.”

By proactively addressing the threat of polio through targeted vaccination efforts, Warri South Local Government sets a commendable example for public health initiatives in Delta State.

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